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Friday, October 13, 2017
Saturday, October 14, 2017

921 Cottrell Way, Stanford
(website will be updated with new work next week)

Recent pop-up installations:

Photo: detail of Sky Steps

Sky Steps at Grace Cathedral
1100 California Street, San Francisco, (top of Nob Hill)
For Easter Sunday And Earth Day
4/15-5/16. (this installation is now down).

Sky Steps featured in The Economist

Clark Center, Bio-x, Stanford University
Sky Circle, Temporary pop-up painting
( This is no longer up)
Acrylic on canvas, 30' diameter

Studio News
TED Talk: TEDX Gunn H.S., "Parts of a whole", 1/16/15 Palo Alto, CA
Parts of a whole, Sukey Bryan TEDX Gunn High School

Recent Exhibitions

U.S. Embassy in Helsinki, Finland
Arctic Artwork

Original Minds, part 1
Original Minds, part 2
KWMR interview of Sukey Bryan by Elia Haworth on Original Minds,
Pt. Reyes Radio, May 21, 2016

Kings Art Center
Hanford, CA
Glacial visions: Sukey Bryan
Short video "Ice makes a sound and she heard it" by Niccolo, a young talented Central Valley blogger

Photo: Jim Dewrance

The Sentinel article about the exhibition by Pete Menting

Photo:Jim Dewrance

Sky Fountain
February, 2015
Temporary art installation in the time of drought

Painted by undergraduate students with artist, Sukey Bryan
35x35', acrylic on canvas
The White Memorial Fountain/The Claw
Presented by ResArts, Stanford University

Stanford Magazine, "Blue_Sky Proposition"

Stanford Daily article by Ada Throckmorton

Video by Will Brooks of the students painting sessions

To see Palo Alto Weekly article,
"Artist Turned Adventurer",
by Rebecca Wallace:
PDF version: Palo Alto Weekly, 10/21/2011

Studio powered by solar energy! (We are now running the house, studio and an electric car off the solar panels-a dream come true!)

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